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A b o u t  W I B

​Established in 2021, Women in Business is a student-run club available for all female Colangelo College of Business students who seek to network, collaborate, and enhance their learning experience while at Grand Canyon University. Students involved with GCU Women In Business may connect with top women business leaders, develop leadership skills, receive mentorship or serve as a mentor to incoming CCOB students.

There is so much in store for year three of Women in Business, and we want you to be a part of it! Use the link below to register to become a club member.

Our History

The idea to start a club for women in business stemmed from two current students, Havilah Houston and Belle Rakestraw who saw the need for a community of women within their degree program. As Belle’s freshman year RA, Havilah mentored Belle outside of the residence hall, guiding her as she integrated herself into the CCOB. This mentorship proved valuable to Belle as she found herself involved in numerous capacities by the end of her freshman year. From this, the idea of starting a woman in business club emerged with the purpose to recreate this relationship for other students. 


The Colangelo College of Business is Grand Canyon University’s premier business school for servant leaders and innovators. The Colangelo College of Business offers cutting-edge degrees that are specifically designed for today's corporate environment. The CCOB is dedicated to cultivating a student-centered culture that emphasizes a higher purpose,

conscious capitalism, and academic achievement.

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